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Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished


knowlegable brummie
I often wonder what happened to all the school records of St Thomas Bath Row Birmingham,and maybe photos of pupils that attended there.


Gone, but not forgotten.
I often wonder what happened to all the school records of St Thomas Bath Row Birmingham,and maybe photos of pupils that attended there.

Wouldn't they have been moved to the new St Thomas School in Great Colmore Street, Lee Bank, sorry Attwood Green as it's called now.


proper brummie kid
Does anyone have an ancestor who attended Emily Penzer's School in the Balsall Heath area in the late 1800s or early 1900s? I would be so grateful for even the smallest information on this school. Thank you, Jay.


Birmingham Schools and The Elementary Education Act 1870

The elementary education act was quickly adopted in Birmingham with the first School Board for the town taking place in November of that year. By 1879, the Board had opened 24 schools, all of them architecturally considered, ornaments of the town. The following is a list of these schools with the date of opening,and the number of scholars for whom accommodation is provided including boys,girls, and infants;
Name of school Date of opening No of Children
Farm Street July 1873 1055
Bloomsbury March 1873 1059
Jenkins Street May 1873 1136
Steward Street July 1873 1055
Garrison Lane July 1873 968
Elkington Street May 187 4983
Lower Windsor Street November 1874 1055
Allcock Street April 1875 1052
Rea Street South July1875 1070
Osler Street November 1875 1025
Datmouth Street May-Oct 1876 1053
Smith Street June 1876 972
Bristol Street October 1876 1023
Nelson Street November 1876 971
Norton Street November 1876 994
Moseley Road January 1877 1017
FoxStreet January 1877 1017
Brookfields November 1877 1018
Summer Lane September 1877 1352
Oozells Street January 1879 807
Dudley Road June 1878 1220
Little Green Lane August 1878 1347
Hutton Street January 1879 1095
Montgomery Street July 1879 1000
The totalamount spent in the erection of school buildings and purchase of sites, is £349,575 19s 1d the total cost of school maintenance for eight years was£94,928.
This information was taken from Robert K Dents book Old and New Birmingham publishedin 1880.


master brummie
Saltley College Primary School. Bridge Road Birmingham
1853 - 1940 Destroyed by enemy action 1940
Last Headmaster Mr Fleet.
Teachers Mr Court. Mr goode. Mr Rushton. Mr Turner (Woodwork)

Edit. Extract from British History Online:

SALTLEY COLLEGE C. OF E. SCHOOL, College Road, Saltley. Worcester Diocesan Practising Sch. opened with one master 1853,(22) comprising 2 schoolrooms accom. 185 B.(1, 29) A schoolroom and a classroom, accom. 456,(1) opened 1871.(22) Fees retained until 1904. Alterations made 1891, 1910, 1935. Reorganized 1932, 1935 for SB. Damaged by enemy action and closed 1941.(21)
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