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Old Birmingham City Transport Ephemera.

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
I was searching the loft for some of my stored 'rubbish' my wife's definition, I call it valuable records of the past, when I came across two old route maps and an old Ian Allan Fleet list. The latter was not mine as I had left Birmingham when it came out. I have another one which has on the front cover a 7 at Victoria Square and yours truly sat upstairs, regrettably I could not find that one, but rest assured I will. Interestingly enough is the bus on the front, the half cab is from January 1965 and the Atlantean or Fleetline is from March 1968. Perhaps one of you whizz kids could tidy this up, the pictures are rubbish


  • Bus Routes 2.pdf
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  • Ian Allan Spotters Book.pdf
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