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Old birmingham car dealer, evans and kitchen


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P.J. EVANS my Dad did a lot of business with them in the 1950s. John Crump OldBrit SNOWY Parker, Colorado USA


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To try to set the record straight, the closest I ever got to a Lamborghini Miura was whilst in the cinema watching The Italian Job! My father would occasionally loan me a recently traded-in car for me to use - and clean - but they would have been 1100s or Minis. Whilst I don't think that qualifies me as having been wayward, I do admit to having bought a series 1 E Type in the 90s, and nearly 20 years after E & K merged with Evans Halshaw. It was, however, original and completely solid and, given the recent rise in values, I wish I still owned it. The only Morgan connection I can think of is that a distant cousin, who had nothing to do with E & K, once drove one. Coincidentally, he had a brother who drove an E type in the 1960s.
The son of one of my bosses at Ryland garage back in the early sixties had one of the early E types (little Bill Whale) I eventually followed his example when I also bought one of the early E types but that was in 1968 :) wish I'd still got it.


gone but not forgotten
hi old brit ;
the cressman, brothers gave them alot of stif competition in those days around in the early days around he corner from there litte shop
on bristol rd as it w3as then; before they became involved with fords
they had a little show room around the corner from them and all there cars fromfords came down to smethick storage depot
where they would inspect them and valet them from fords there used be a sticky sustance cover the bumpers and labels in and out of the windows when they came down to smethwick before being tken to bristl street by one or the other brothers and fred walklin was there depot manager whom used to bee a speedway racing driver in those days along with two other brothers and mysel worked for them ; fred used to live on dudley rd in those little shops by the colledge pub and he gave me a 3d in old money pay rise when i went into asked for the pay rise in those years gone bye they all laghted at me
and said ypou will not get it and they was whatching from the shop floor at fred office windows ; but i came out smiling because i got it
they was all gob smacked ;best wishes astonian

Dirty Habit

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The ramp was to demonstrate the climbing ability of the Austin Gipsy, which can be seen at the top. The Gipsy was announced in Feb 1958, so the picture was probably taken as soon as they had a demonstration model.

Have just found the same picture on the Austin history sight and it say 1960
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I remember your Father Stanley well. I worked in the Parts department under Parts Manager Adrian Body from 1969 until I left under Evans Halshaw 1997. Your Dad had the same plate all the time I knew him. I was based in Inge Street up until 1995 then controlling the System mainframe above the workshops in the accounts department. Happy days

Roy Shotton

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My Grandad used get his cars from Evans and Kitchen because we lived above the showroom (2nd windows from the left) My grandad used to drink at the White Lion on the corner of Thorpe Street and Horsefair. I was born there in 1956 and my Nan lived there until she died in 1978. Brought me to tears seeing those pictures. Great days.