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Oisin (Paul Holmes)

aston lad

master brummie
I awoke to this, this morning and feel sick in my stomach to hear this sad news, I and a few others have known Paul for 20 years plus on various Birmingham forums and facebook over that period, I have never met Paul, but I do think of him as a cyber friend,I just hope he has a peaceful passing, its very hard to find words to express how I and the others are feeling at this moment, my thoughts are with his wife and family...


Ex-pat Brummie
I'm very sorry to hear of Paul's passing, Jean, and I hope it was peaceful. My sincere condolences to his family at this difficult time. R I P Paul.



master brummie
I never knew Paul, but he seems one never to be forgotten. My sincere condolances to his family at this very hard time. God bless you all.

aston lad

master brummie
I am totally gutted at hearing this very sad news, I have known Paul for a very long time, never met him in person but we used to exchange private messages on all types of subjects over the internet, modern day Pen Friend...he used to joke about us being coffin dodgers .....I am going to miss him, My thoughts are with his wife, family and his friends..

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Hi Lyn will do. Have sent Jessica the link and I think she is going to come on hear herself but certainly will pass on your message.