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Of Sights And Sounds


Robert Harrison

Of all the walks I have taken in yonder wood
Of all the flowers where my feet have stood
Of all of the hiding animals when I came near
Of all of the birds in flight which I hold so dear.
I wish I could see them again.

Of all of the rivers that have sparkled in the sun
Of all the grasses swaying and bowing in fun
Of all of the bees buzzing from flower to flower.
Of all the butterfly's living for so short an hour.
I wish I could see them again.

Of all the pallets of a mornings blush
Of all the sighing breezes gentle hush
Of all the berries on the hawthorn hedge
Of all the sparrow on my window ledge
I wish I could see them again.

Of all the sights and sounds and smells
Of all the chapels Sabbaths ringing bells
Of all the fells and hills and echoing vales
Of all the joys as we scampered over dales
I wish I could hear them again.

Though I am blind to all but remembered sights
Though I am deaf to the thunderous silent nights
I can still smell the woods, the seasons of flowers
I shall take them all with me after my final hours

Then as I rise from this body of earthly clay
I will smile to myself on this wonderful day
For I shall see His hand which He offers to me
Thus He will say, "Come my son, let me show
You all I have for thee".

©  Robert Harrison 2006


I receive that in my heart...it's so true...

maybe we can all think of those views/places that we would love to see again...foretastes of heaven, that have stuck in our hearts...

I would like to take more time to think what mine is...and then share it

Beryl M

Robert -
This is a beautiful spiritual poem I love it. You have a lovely vision of heaven and what a wonderful place to spend your everlasting days.

Thank you my friend you have got me thinking - For me Heaven carries with it different signs – Sometimes I see it as a place much like yours of animals birds – Music to sooth our ears –Also one of restless actively and that of never ending thought. Do we not hear voices gentle and great some of them like the voices of departed friends saying “come hereâ€Â