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Robert Harrison

To those who love(d) their Black Pudding
See Factories and Offices

Of Celtic Origin thou didst cross thy boundaries,
And did in purposeful stealth and all intention
Bring to the unsuspecting English low counties,
A pudding, brewed in the cauldrons of creation.

Black as the night that spawned its virgin birth.
Suet and Oatmeal fresh from our mother earth
Red as the blood from that given through sacrifice.
Blended with Cayenne, Nutmeg and mixed spice.

Encased in the membrane of that which gave blood.
Delicately served, symbolic to those so favoured
To stand in revered reverence where Kings have stood
With their Knights and ladies and all so favoured.

Thou Black Pudding, delicate to the pallet of Royalty and
Nobles alike, have been the envy of those who could but stand
And with deep breath, inhale thine aroma, and in awe but look
Upon thine unblemished form and eat of the flesh of some
Poor Chook.

For downward ran the blood freely given by the dying heart
Of those, which gave of their lives having neither say nor part
In their death, but in subjection alone only to the demanding,
In lust for their delicious and heavenly Celtic Black Pudding.


Robert you are going to create a lot of Vegetarians,
now to go and cook a bit with me bacon.


My husband tucked into Black Pudding when we were in Ireland and UK in 2000 and I was very amused as my dad had told me what it was made up of. I let him enjoy it and didn't peep a word until we got back to Oz. He said he still enjoyed it - so there!


master brummie
Staff member
Lovely poem....We have some good Black Pudding makers here in Vancouver and
make special trips just to buy it from small butchers. Thank goodness my husband is English and knows all about such foods. Thanks for posting the poem Robert.


brummie dude
re black pudding

Hi all,just scoffed a load of black pudding.dont know what was in it.dont care,it was great.:D:'(But it sure was spicy. pete


master brummie
black pudding

They hold Black Pudding contests, here in Lancashire, home of the black pud. There is great rivalry about the recipes, usually they are handed down through the generations..