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Occupations - Disappeared

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
In the period 1945 to 1950, we had horse and cart deliveries by Co OP milk and bread, coal, co op and a couple of others , LMS and GWR parcels and holiday suitcase collection, the last one I can remember was Handsworth Dairies with their smaller carts and smaller horses. Then there were none


Brummie dude
Seems like mine came from the Bull Ring or near there. Regardless they did not seem to last very long! Today we would say operator error :cool:
we had chicks.off the ragman, i would have given dads sunday suit for one.if i was given half a chance:grinning:


master brummie
They do Timpsons with High Street and supermarket outlets still have shoe repair key cutting and sometimes dry cleaning operations. In your time in the UK they were shoe shops.
And watch repairs! At least the one in Barnstaple High St. does.


master brummie
My first job after leaving school was a trainee typewriter service engineer..Mainly in central Birmingham..in the 60s and 70s in those days every shop and office had at least one machine ,and the larger companies had hundreds...all gone.


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I was fascinated watching a guy repair a pub cash register, one of the older mechanical types. It had thousands of small leavers and springs etc. Another job gone with electric cash machines.


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I hope you didn't think you had a job for life! We used to have a private typewriter museum in Bournemouth some years ago and when the owner decided he wanted to get rid of it, he offered the typewriters to all the museums and didn't get any takers. I presume that they were eventually just dumped.

Maurice :cool:

Arnold Mason

master brummie
In the mid 50's there was a shop in Quinton that repaired ladders in ladies stockings. The person doing the job sat in the front window of the shop. I can't imagine that job exists now.