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number 1 new canal street census look up for 1956


gone but not forgotten
Hi guys is it possible for some one to do a check for the above address for the resident owners for that period
Year for 1956 please named occupants once again I thank you all for your valuable time astonian


true brummie
In 1955 on electoral rolls at 1 New Canal Street was Ernest Jelf, then in 1957 Ernest Jelf and Ida Brennan. No electoral roll online for 1956 unfortunately!

All the best, Shera


gone but not forgotten
Hi shear happy new year to you and may you have a healthy and prosperous new year for 2014
Many thanks for your reply today I received and confirmed my requested details from source early this morning
By email from some one. Which you said there was no 1956 details which was correct but from 1957 yes and through right
Up until 1960 was given to me which actually surprised me stating through to 1960 as I thought my grand father transfered
Is business down to Aston cross in 1955 but no he was still there till 1960 so I have uncovered a mystery which will need answers to so now I have to probe further
Into my tree and get my old documents out so I have got a lot of tracing to do now searching for documents
Thanks again shear best wishes astonian


gone but not forgotten
Hi bernard
many thanks for your input and iformation do you thik this ia brnan could be connected to the family ih the pubs
have a nice day and best wishes and i hope this will come througjh as i am having problems with getting any post on board
alan ; astonian;;