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Not as young as you were ?

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I am 77 in June and have had a lot of ill health this last year which has made me a bit unsteady.
My husband is afraid I will slip in the shower so he has fitted a grab rail.
It is a very handy one but I hate it ,every time I go into the bathroom I am reminded that I am now elderly.(but only in body, I am 39 in my head,lol)

I should worry , my youngest son age 45 has always loved sporty kind of cars but has recently bought a 4x4
his 6 year old said, 'You need a proper big car now that you are 50 and old Daddy.


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Not sure my 92 year old Dad has realised yet. He asked me to change a light bulb. He said "I got up the steps but then couldn't let go to reach up to the bulb". You are as old as you feel.


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A few months ago I was reading the local news on the BBC web site and there was story about two young yobs who had push a local man off a bus. The article said he was 65 years old.

I thought to myself "poor old bloke".

Then I realised he was YOUNGER than me as I am 69 !!


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When I was about 25 and when I was in strange pubs and they stopped giving me the third degree about my age. The only problem now is that my body knows its in its 70's but my mind thinks its still 25.


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I was 82 in January and I had never seen my then doctor apart from fixing worktops in his kitchen until I was 52. It was always my late wife that saw him. On that occasion I had six weeks off work and that was the start of the very slow descent! :) After that it was up and down like a yoyo :cool:

I have two theories - once you have a really serious illness, you never recover 100%, it is always 99.9%, chipping a tiny bit off the block. And secondly, as you get older, the earth spins faster. So when we were young, we would go into work in the morning and say "roll on 5 o'clock" and much later, especially when we had retired, we would find that the days were absolutely flying by.

But there's an element of luck in it - you could take early retirement at 50 and kick the bucket at 51 :cool:

Have a great day tomorrow friends, and make sure that they drag you kicking and screaming!

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Alberta a quick aside from your question quite the opposite in fact . when do kids realise they are not as old as what they think they are . I can't understand why they want to be old before their time, plus the fact 100 words for one


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I well remember the day I started work at R Whites in Brookfields in 1967, one of the delivery drivers
was retiring the same day, and he said to me 'You'll get there one day Dave'
Sadly he died the next morning, and I've never forgotten it.
In the words of the old saying, 'Treat every day as if it was your last, for one day it will be'
I've been retired for 14 years now, so I certainly did better than old Charlie.

Kind regards


There's a photo on another thread of a school being rebuilt (Lordswood) but when I went to the Girls' school it was almost new!! Happy Days!


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rosie going back to phils post about how young in the head he is....in my head i am still going around springhill rollar rink 5 nights a week at 90 miles an hour to the songs of the 60s and early 70s very happy days :)



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The time I felt really decrepit was even earlier, when I was about 35. Had badly sprained my ankle and had a stick to help me walk. I was going to the old Northfield library which had a path to the door , and as I got to the beginning of the path a little old lady (well so I thought then, but might have been younger than I am now) was coming out and she held the door for me for what seemed ages while I hobbled up the path to the door, feeling very embarrassed.
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