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Nock family, Stourbridge, 1841 - 61


proper brummie kid
I desperately need some suggestions!!!!
I'm researching Mary Hannah Nock who is definately born in 4th Q 1837 and definatley married in 1862 to Thomas Cooper. She also uses the H of Hannah in her name in census's after her marriage, apart from one where there is an "A". But can I find her family in census's 1841 to 61? I've tried every variation of "NocK" that I can think of, and even started going through the census images for Stourbridge (under Old Swinford) without luck - apart from one entry - "Stranger - Would not answer questions"

Can anyone out there help?:crying:


true brummie
hi helen

it would help if you gave any more info eg parents names, any siblings. was she born in stourbridge?

anything at all would be helpful to find her.


proper brummie kid
Hi Shera
Thanks for the reponse.
I am waiting for a birth and marriage cert to help solve this little puzzle and shed some light on parentage.

However, my known facts working backwards are:-
My grandfather, back in the 1960's, wrote a family tree of sorts from his memory. His mother was Eleanor Mountford nee Cooper.My grandfather thought that his grandfather was a James Cooper (toolmaker) and grand mother was Mary Knock or Nock. Eleanor's marriage cert states her father as Thomas Cooper (toolmaker)

A Thomas Cooper married a Mary Hannah Nock in 1862 West Bromwich. This date coincides with Cooper family from Lady Wood in census's 1871 to 1901:

Ada Louisa b 1864
Thomas William b 1865
Mary Jane b 1867
Emma Elizabeth b 1870
Eleanor b 1873

Eleanor's marriage cert shows Thomas William Cooper and Emma Elizabeth Cooper as witnesses, so this ties up the correct family and aalso coincides with my grandfather's memory!!!!

Mary Hannah Cooper in census's 1871 to 1901 has her birth date as 1838 from Stourbridge. This corresponds to a Mary Hannah Nock born in 1837, Stourbridge. (The cert I have ordered).

In the meantime, there should be some sort of evidence of a Nock family and a Mary H Nock before she got married, from Stourbridge - 1841 to 1861, which I cant find, even remotely corresponding, except a Nash family!!?!

Does this help?


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I don't have any census evidence, but the 1835 and 1841 Pigotts worcestershire directory do show Nocks in Stourbridge. Unfortunately these directories don't give exact addresses, indeed house numbers possibly didn't exist.. All the entries are trade entries and descriptions are the section in which he is found, so he might not do all of the things listed.
Thomas Nock; Currier & Leather seller, High St, Stourbridge
John Nock; Painter, plumber & glazier,Ambly Terrace, Stourbrdge.
Thomas Nock; Currier & Leather seller, High St, Stourbridge
John Nock; Painter, plumber & glazier,Park row, Stourbridge


master brummie
I have a Hannah Nock in my tree but she was born 1757 in Rowley Regis which i think is somewhere over that way west.


true brummie
i have found a "possible" in 1841 in stourbridge

isah nock 55 a nailer
leak nock 45
eliza nock 15
isac nock 14
jas nock 12
elen nock 10
mary nock 8 which could be a three. just a poss thats all

actually looking again it says not born in county so dont think it is but have a look.


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
Hi helen could this be your Mary? Sorry there was no address other than Ladywood.

Place: Birmingham -Warwickshire
Civil Parish: B'ham Ladywood
Ecclesiastical Parish: -
Address: -

Surname First name(s) Sex Age Occupation Where Born
NOCK William M 25 Blacksmith Outside Census County (1841)
NOCK Jane F 30 Outside Census County (1841)
NOCK Mary F 3 Outside Census County (1841)
NOCK Sarah F 1 Outside Census County (1841)


proper brummie kid
Hi guys and thanks for all the contributions!!

I now have the birth cert for Mary Hannah, born in Stourbridge, 1837, daughter of William Nock, a blacksmith and Jane Backhouse. I found them in 1841 living in Ladywood, which matches what you have found, thanks for that.

Siblings include:-

Sarah Jane b1839
Elizabeth Harriet b 1842
Ada b 1847
John William b 1849
Bernard Josiah b 1852

It seems that William made mills and appears to have moved around a bit - from Tipton, to Stourbridge, to Lady Wood and back to Tipton.

But I still can't find any of them in 1851!!!!