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No Turning Back


Robert Harrison

A bit early for the new year,
so have this as a Christmas present.

Love to you all


She could hear her own screams
being thrown back at her from the
canyon walls.
Shear walls of weathered
brown sand stone. To her
eyes they showed no detail,
just a blur as she fell at thirty
two feet a second towards the
river that flowed swiftly along
the canyon floor one thousand
feet below.
She thought that she would see
some part of her life flash before
her but there was nothing, nothing
but the terror that seemed to paralyse
her just as it had before she jumped.
But she had jumped and there was
no going back.
She stopped screaming, it was done
she could only wait for the blissful end,
and hoped that there would be no pain.
Some say that your heart stops beating
before the end comes, but her heart
pounded in her chest, she could hear
it in her ears as her blood rushed to
her head.
The last thing she remembered was
her name coming from the bridge
that spanned the canyon high above
he, long and painfully drawn out.
The tug on her ankles came suddenly.
Her tensed up body was suddenly
straightened and her arms shot forward.
The force of hitting the water was less
than she expected. There was no pain,
just the sudden shock of freezing cold.
She broke the surface, she had survived.
She yelled out as load as she could,
"I've done it, I've done it, my first Bungy

©Robert Harrison 2006