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No Blue Tooth!


master brummie
oldMohawk, did you have to pay to get your keyfobs reprogrammed when your car was stolen? I know that replacement keys are expensive these days. My car is due for replacement in a few months & the i`ve got my eye on is a keyless Vauxhall Grandland. I thought i was being patriotic chosing a Vauxhall but apparently they`re made in France! I don`t fancy the hassle of using a steering wheel lock.:(
Smudger, I think many cars are keyless these days and hopefully they are improving the software. I think it is a case of taking precautions such as keeping key fobs in a metal box etc. Apparently thieves sometimes check whether they can pick up a signal from keys in the house and if they can't they move on to another house. I have got used to the disklok and can put it on and off in seconds. The key fob reprogramming costs were covered by my insurance. One of the main ways of stealing cars these days it to attack the driver and snatch their keys. This happened twice in one afternoon outside a supermarket I use.