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No 8 Bus Route


master brummie
The Inner Circle 8 route today is a shadow of the intensive service it was from its inception in 1926 (complete circle from 1928). Peak times were a bus every two minutes.
Over the history of the routes roads that it traversed have changed quite a few times principally due to demolitions in the densely populated inner areas of the city and re-location or demise of much of the city's former industries.
The A and C I believe date from the 1960's. It is interesting that most of the city's citizens knew which way the buses gyrated - as they also knew which way to the city and which way home :D - but presumably with the a new population arriving it was not so clear for them.
There is a good book entitled The Inner Circle, Birmingham;s No.8 Bus Route in the Images of England Series. It has been mentioned on this Forum before but I recommend to anyone interested in the route and the history of the areas it served get a copy.