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Night Time Fledge?


master brummie
Hi all,

I wonder if anyone out there with more knowledge than myself, could tell me. Do chicks fledge at night?. I ask this because we have had a pair of Great Tits using a nestbox right outside our patio doors, I know there were chicks in there as I could hear them quite clearly, how many I don`t know. We had seen a small head appear a couple of times and we guessed they were about to go, this was about 6pm on Tuesday. We watched closely but saw no chicks depart, by this time it was quite dark. Next morning, I again kept an eye out but saw nothing, this was at 5am, and when I went close I could hear nothing either. I looked around the garden but could see nothing or hear nothing chirping away, as I have done in the past. I did see one more little head appear at the nestbox hole, it did not leave the box, but I then had to leave for work, again, nothing since has been seen of this little one. My suspicions are that, Magpies nesting quite near have taken them, I hope I am wrong but I fear not. We have still not heard any young ones about since. But I just wondered if we may have missed them during darkness. Any ideas?. Cheers, cresser.