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proper brummie kid
Never had one, in the girls' School I went to I cannot recall anyone having one.

Sparkhill Boy

master brummie
As a child I was very tall but thin, naturally my nickname became skinny or lanky! When I filled out as a young man I became Tiny! Then, in the Fire Brigade because my surname is Hood I turned into Robin or Doughey!! I understand a Doughey Hood was in the Archers at one time.


I never had a nick name but all my brothers friends seemed to Dodge, Todge, Spud etc. My youngest son is called Parch from our surname and all his friends have funny nick names. It was so funny the other day when I went to visit my youngest son I asked my granddaughter "who has mended your swing" she said quite cooley.....uncle Sparks!......I just said thats nice trying to keep a straight face.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Maggs children are so cruel. All I can remember when I was naughty was mom shouting JEANIE LYNDON. Of course I was never naughty [not half].


when i worked at the imi ,the 2nd year of my apprenticeship i worked in the rod mill ,and they used to call me aynok,because of my black country accent .but as i was from brownhills ,,couldnt understand that .no were near theBC.


Ex-pat Brummie
Mine was always Moss or Mossy (even by my brother), but became Mo later in life. At school I remember one particularly obnoxious creep calling me Coconut Head! :shocked:

Maurice :cool:


master brummie
Going back to Jeans comment about being good, I was only ever called Susan by mom/dad if I had done something wrong! I know I'm in trouble now if they call me Susan lol


master brummie
It was the same for me sister Sue. If I was called Margaret, then I knew there was trouble brewing for me.


Staff member
same here sue and maggs..if our mom called me linda i knew i was for it:cry:


master brummie
My family have always called me Bal. In the army I was either called Baz or Brummie, unless I upset one of the NCO's, then I was called names that shouldn't be mentioned in mixed company.



In my cycling days I was known as "The Black Raven", a name given to me by Tom Tall of, Wendron Close, Kings Heath, he did all the cycling write-ups in the Solihull News.
- Black Raven
In zijn jonge jaren gaf een Engelse journalist, Tom Tall, van Birmingham, UK, hem de naam 'BLACK RAVEN' (zwarte raaf). Met zijn zwart haar, lange neus en een handoek over zijn hoofd, vond Tall dat Webb op een raaf leek. Bij een van zijn veel overwinningen gebruikte hij als krantenkop, 'THE BLACK RAVEN SWOOPS AGAIN!'.

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
I never had a nickname, but my eldest son has had two, the first given by us was Arfer, because he only ever did half a job when asked to do anything and then when he left school and joined a local construction company because he was small and skinny he was called Gandhi, he is now a director of the company and the old 'subbies' still turn up at reception asking if Gandhi is about, puzzling any new receptionist. As I work in a construction related business, if they have to come in to see us, they still ask me how Gandhi is.....cuz uz avnt seed eem fur a bit boy (The boy is me in my eighties), gwain fair I reply. But they are all scared of 'heem, cuz eeez a ard un to deal with.'


Eric Gibson

master brummie
My mother said she called me Eric because it couldn't be shortened, my mates called me 'Ek'

At school I spent my last year in the science class, the teacher introduced me to the class as his head cook and bottlewasher, the bottlewasher name stuck and hung around with me until long after I left school.