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Next Friends of Aston Hall and Park meeting


proper brummie kid
Dear all,

The next meeting of the Friends of Aston Hall and Park will be held on Thursday 9th August 2012, in the cafe at Aston Hall, from 6.30pm.

I know there's a lot of you with an interest in Aston's history and future, so it would be great to see some of you! We're all working hard to make Aston Hall and Park a place that people enjoy so if you have an opinion, come and have a say!

If you'd like any more information, then please do let me know - I can be contacted at Aston Hall on 0121 675 4722 or by email on [email protected]

Many thanks,
Rosie (Community Learning Officer, Aston Hall)


proper brummie kid
Not sure if anyone was hoping to attend this meeting but just wanted to let you all know that unfortunately we have had to cancel the meeting due to the number of people who can't attend. I think summer holidays and the Olympics are taking their toll!

Our next meeting will be in September, all welcome!

Best wishes


gone but not forgotten
hi rosie ;
sorry to hear of the cancelletaion; because i would like to enroll with the societty as i am very passionette about aston hall ;
as i am part of aston ; born and bred but i wil certainly coming in sept ; and i will send you my personal em address later
to say more and you can contact me on my private and very personal em ; speak soon rosie ; best wishes astonian;;


proper brummie kid
Hi Astonian,

Really glad to hear you'd like to join us - I've seen a lot of your posts on here and you obviously know Aston really well! If you want to email me, my address is [email protected] - I can then add your email address to our list so as soon as I can confirm the date of the next meeting, I can let you know.

Best wishes, and hope to meet you in September,


gone but not forgotten
hi rosie
nice to hear from you yes i am really passsionate about the hall and of aston i have a great deal of information and knowledge
and with family connection whom played a big part of aston in the forgotten years of yest years ;
i will be em you on your personal data and i will be contacting you today with my personal pm on your data ;
have a lovely day ; alan ; astonian;;


gone but not forgotten
hi rosie
just a brief one i did try and e mail you but it came back rejected may be i have not put it correctly
but i will get my son to down load the contact to you at some point today ;
i am very much want to come and get involvold with the society as i fel i have alot to give and input as well;
as a point of view and a question when is the next meet at aston hall so i can put it in my diaryand plus the fact other members may be very intrested in coming as well if you could telll us here it would be great ;but any way i will get my em to you at some point today
another historical place of intrest i am very much intrested in is the botanical gardens edgbaston ;which incidently i will be going to visit ;
and for those intrested there is a country and westeren theme with the guest singer is a top country and westeren singer called paul baily
andsupporting act is mcgilll whom as is own follers across the country ;it will be a packed centre and he roads around there will be packed choa
and another place of intrest is the st chads convent a remarkle building through out sadly it was turned into a security bulding
but i cn recall it as a convent for the sister hood way back in time and there connections to the area of ladywood and edgbaston
and the oratary school and church and i think it was st peters church monument rd at the junction of opld ladywood rd ;
they tell me the walls are three feet thick all around which states some think ;i spoke with a bussiness person last week whom i see and socialize
with every week and he told me of him useing the building and he also told me of the place as he used to go there
but i already knew that as hwe was telling me as my younger brother whom died two years ago worked there and he toldme the same story ;
it is a big complex and the time gone bye it housed alot of sisters there whom years ago you would see them coming and going all day and night long
as they helped the neirbourhood in the war years and after of the hard times they worked in the schools as well as visiting the poor familys of ladywood ;
have a nice day every body ; astonian;;