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Newtown Palace Cinema

Mike Blakemore

master brummie
Hi Topsy.. I just ment the Matinees in general started 1949.. when the restrictions came off.. The picture was taken in 1959.... Hmm age and my white stick ... :eek:)

Question For Ten Points. Who Created the Expression Topsy Turvy ??? :eek:)

Betty Hopper

master brummie
Hello ALF,

Just been looking through this thread and I see that at one time you lived in Newtown Row.
I wondered if you remembered a Newsagents on Newtown Row by the name of Hudsons
I think it was close to Brearley Street There was also a Drapers shop and a Butchers nearby?????
I KNOW you must be glad to be home and hope you are feeling much better.

Mike Blakemore

master brummie
Hi Topsy.... The Creator of the Expression "Topsy Turvy" was "W.S. Gilbert" the Playwrite and Libretist of the Gilbert & Sullivan Operas.. etc etc I am so full of useless knowledge... :playful:


master brummie
Here's a few more photo's of the New Town Row area, that I do not think have been seen on the forum before.

The one of J.A.Ryley's was taken in 63, I must have been inside the building at the time because thats where I worked at the time.



Hi Phil.. I cannot see the pictures you put on here of the Newtown Row area...


Gone, but not forgotten.
Bushbaby I have reinstated my posted images on this thread, though I cannot be sure they are the originals. If you come across any moore of my posted images on the forum anywhere that are missing please let me know.


master brummie
A few pictures (some repeats I think) attributed to Mike Blakemore on the "cinematreasures" website.


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