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New Street Station Platform 1a 1950's


master brummie
This is really a long shot I know, but I wondered if anyone that train spotted on New Street Station and standing on the end of Platform 6 , took any photos of locos waiting at the end of platform 1A...where the 'Glasgow' used to go from, what I'm after is what looks like an awful background of where the trains stood waiting to leave 1A, I'm after the background for a display I have reminding me of the first Royal Scot loco I saw c1953 and was hauling 'The Glasgow' , I have the model of loco I saw but would like to try and get that background regardless of it being a bit of an eye sore backdrop......but it's a reminder....... I have seen something almost like it on Warwickshire Railways site but not quite the one I would like.......hopefully someone just may have an old photo that features it...I think it was part of the Queen's Hotel that backed onto the station.......many thanks to all


master brummie
Have you seen these? Especially number 8.