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New shoes ...!


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:D Had this snippet tucked away for a while and on the advice of another member I have decided to share it with the rest of you.
(A true story)

Buying New Shoes At The Bull Ring! .‚..
Nov 2004

Oh how I remember and have to confess
one trip to the market that was not fun,
but one filled with stress.
My mom pulled me here and then pulled me there
it seemed about me she hadn't a care.

"Comon" said our Glad
"we need clothes for the lad,
and coat for your sister too".
But when I started to cry she said with a sigh
"Now 'Bab' whats the matter with you "?

I looked all forlorn, in my dress faded and worn
and said "someat's gone through the hole in my shoe".
"We'll find you a 'new' pair, now sit on that chair".
As through a pile of shoes she did rake.
"Oh look these will do and So's they'll fit you,
insoles of card we'll make".

"Now pull the laces tight and they'll be just right,
there's no hole in the sole and the heels are fine
in fact they're better than mine". (Laugh!)
The shoes were a disgrace with a black and brown lace,
they were two sizes too big but for only a quid,
what more could expect from that place.

Then home we did trot to show dad what wed got
And it was then I wished I'd kept quiet.
He thought the bargains were fine
until Glad showed him mine
and by gosh did those shoes cause a riot.


Nice one
I think our Mom must have shopped at the same stall!
Still you know they'd have bought us the best in town if they could