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New book about Rover by David Caffrey

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The Girl from Guildford St
I have just heard about a book by David Caffrey called Living in a Plant, about his years at Rover. It's both a book and an e book. My dad worked there in the 1950s. My mom worked at Cadbury.s, then Lucas's. I wish I had asked them more about their work experiences.
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Master Barmmie
I have read half the book, but thought I should make a comment even though not finished.

I had a friend who worked for donkey’s years at Longbridge and he used to come out with many tales. This book bears out quite a few! But it’s not a history book about the Rova, it is a humorous book about life in the factory.

If you are offended by very bad language, then it’s not the book for you!
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