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New book about Nechells and Aston.


proper brummie kid
Hello all,
My follow up book to "A Birmingham Backstreet Boyhood" has just been published. It can be got at the usual. places, it is called "Brummie Kid" not my choice of title, but thats publishers for you.

I would be interested to hear any comments about my first book, to see where people may think I got things wrong or even right, say what you feel warts and all, I wont mind one bit.

Many regards,

Graham V Twist.


gone but not forgotten
I have just finished your last book the other day ; i had it for a long time but never got round to reading
it until afew days ago .and i actual finished reading it , it was a wicked read ,[ brillient ]
where can ii get your new book from i must hunt it down tomorrow ,
i certainly recomend your book to all our forem members ,
i think i mentioned your book the other day about your life down summer lane and cowper street
it certainly brought memories for me
well grah i have to go now and i hope you sell as many books like your last one
but at least you can consider you have sold one at least , and tats to me ,
brillient grah , brillient read guys , put it on your saturday shopping list
have a brillient day ,best wishes astonian ;;


proper brummie kid
Thank you so much for your comments, its sometimes nice to know we are appreciated. The book can be got at Waterstones, Smiths, Amazon and various other places. £9:99 and getting cheaper by the day.

Where abouts in Aston are you from?

Many regards,



Hi Graham
I've just read part of your new book in the Sunday Mercury and I'm definitely going to buy it. How hard life was for our ancestors, it really opens your eyes to how easy things are today.
The men of yesteryear were so proud and so hardworking. It brought tears to my eyes.


master brummie
Hello Graham,
I read about your new book in my local paper (Bromsgrove Standard) and thought it looked really good. I am looking forward to getting a copy and reading it. I will let you know if I enjoy it........I am sure I will.
Polly :)


proper brummie kid
Hello Polly,
Thank you for your kind remarks, if you want to hang on a bit I am going to doing a booksigning at W H Smiths in Bromsgrove on the last Saturday in May, 11 oclock to 1 oclock. I would be pleased to sign your copy for you even if you have already purchased it.

Many regards,