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I'm sure that everyone knows the BBC Peoples War archive – a wonderful resource. It looks as though they are now trying to do something along the same lines, but with film/interview, relating to the first year of the war. I quote below a message received recently from their researcher. They are interested, not only in the Home Guard, but anyone with first hand memories of 1939/1940. If any member of this group knows someone who might want to put their name forward for interview, could the latter contact Hermione please? (Looks like a good cause to me and it would be good if the archive contained some specifically Birmingham history).

"I am getting in touch from the BBC about a new archive we are creating of WW2 testimony.

We will be producing a series of online films, which will focus on the stories of men, women and children who remember the first year of WW2.
We want to tell the stories that have not necessarily been told yet, and are looking to speak not only with veterans, but also with civilians who can tell us stories of life at home. We are really excited about producing an archive that will be a reference point for future generations and want to make sure that we tell as many untold stories as possible.

I came across your website whilst researching the home guard and wanted to get in touch to see whether you had any contact with surviving members of the home guard that we may be able to speak to. We would love to include their perspective in the archive.
Do let me know if you have any contacts we may be able to speak to or indeed know of anybody who may have memories of WW2 that you think would like to speak with us.

Thanks in advance. Best wishes,


Hermione Russell
Mob: +44 (0)7931704755 [email protected]"
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