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Needle manufactory


gone but not forgotten
Hi guys
I was wondering whether or not if anybody can tell me any think about a Needle factory which was in Bromsgrove worc,
I believe way back in time there was an Needle factory way back in the 1800.s early 1900;s
My relative of my family great grand mother worked at a Needle factory making Needles in this period
Obvisiously when she was young I have a birth certif , stating her mother was a needle maker in Bromsgrove word
To day I was going down the Hamburg road today I have passed this narrow red many times and there was never a street sign on it
But today I went down to the Hambury pub on the A38 and Hambury road after travelling habit I noticed this sign
Which was a new sign which says needle pin road could this be the old factory of the company that made these Needles
Down the Hamburg road it will take through Stoke prior and stoke pound village it of course is now moderen building
The old as gone so I wonder whether this could be the name after the needle factory from all those years ago
I believe up until a certain year there was a needle factory museum still standing
Could anybody throw light on this factory please many thanks Astonian,,,,, Alan,,,


master brummie
There is a needle museum in Redditch, just off the A441 near the Sainsbury store. Perhaps someone has a copy of Pigot's Directory for Bromsgrove which should help.


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All the needle makers in the 1860 Post Offcie directory were in Redditch, Astwood Bank or Feckenham, which seem a bit far away from where you describe


gone but not forgotten
Mike Just wondering whether or not when there was a boundary change for the area because they are really close together
Hambury road runs down and around feckem and round it comes Redditch in a circle its about a mile all around one circle
You can go down a lane and you are in feckam and that classed as the reddiche I know because we go down Hambury
Road as I live by it then it changes into feckam and emedciately its Redditch we are members of the rocklands
Social club Redditch so this needle pin lane is so close best wishes Alan,,,,


master brummie

There was a needle factory - Needle Industries, - on the A435 as you enter Studley from the 'Birmingham' end.
By the island opposite the Barley Mow pub. It was pulled down and a big supermarket built there, I should think
In the late 60's or 70's.

Kind regards



gone but not forgotten
Hi Dave
Many thanks for that information, I know the area very well and the Island and most certainly the barley
As we have friends whom just live a long from the pub plus a lot of members from our club from the rock lands where we dance
My great grand mother was born down the red from there, if you continue down towards ever sham
Which I think its the next Big island down it was called stoke prior the orinigal old village in the 1800s early 1900s
And it was just passing coughtoncour
In fact I would have imagine in them time of history that would have been in the village of stoke prior
According to one person at the central library area years back when I started to look into my tree I started off there
I went deep into it and this particular gentleman whom is a Liberian there helped me
And after telling me the history he also told me which was in the arch files that she was brought up in a big house in the village
Owing to a number of people living there it was an elderly person a lady living with her children
But there was no men folk listed at any censors or election rolls
The Liberian, told me because of no men folk like husbands said she would have been a kept woman by some one
This elderly lady with her children was a Mrs branigan with her daughters and one daughter had a child his name was Thomas Hughes
Aged 2 years old and was sent to Ireland my grt grand mother was Mary Ann Hughes
This is 1869 1900s
And her occupation was a needle maker so as its only a walk up the village as to where this factory you said was there
And I presume it was the only one and only employment for folk in those days unless they was workers at coughton
Court as servants I know there was and still is farms all around that village
And I do know that the generations going back decades from 1700s and from 1800s and through that in the worcestershire library
That its recorded that the name Jelfs
Are recorded as land owners right across the board as land owners from one side to another of worc (and ever sham )
But I am thinking that Mary Ann Jelf,
( Nee Hughes ) as to why she lived with most of the jelfs members of her family one by one as they died she moved in
Every member of the brothers until they died until she died her self in 1946
The last. Member before she died was her husband whom died on sept 15 1935. And she died sept 16 1946
He was William George held senior
So I have concluded my theory of knowing where the needle factory was after all thanks best wishes Alan,,,Astonian,,,,,,


master brummie

There was a needle factory - Needle Industries, - on the A435 as you enter Studley from the 'Birmingham' end.
By the island opposite the Barley Mow pub. It was pulled down and a big supermarket built there, I should think
In the late 60's or 70's.

I remember the factory in Studley.
Once, "biking it" to Evesham in the 50s, we found thousands of rusty needles in the river nearby.
Who remembers the garage near there that had an old Spitfire parked outside ?


Gone, but not forgotten.

The Needle industry used to be very big in the Bromsgrove & Redditch area at one time, but there were other factories in Studley besides the one on the Birmingham Rd. The one here in the black & white photo shows a factory on Priory Square. In fact the timbered building in the photo remains today, but the factory has been replaced by a supermarket.

Myself from your opening post I think the building in the colour photo has more chance of being the factory you are looking for. It is a converted factory that is now housing at Needle Court off the Bromsgrove Rd I don't know any more about it other than it's not on the map but I believe it's somewhere near The Queens Head public house.


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gone but not forgotten
Hi Phil
Nice to hear from you again and thanks for your information and down loading those couple of pictures for me
Tomorrow I will take a trip down there its just along the road bacicly for me about 2 miles which is about five minutes in the car
Have a great day Phil will speak soon best wishes Alan,,, Astonian,,,,


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Hi, Whilst on the subject of the Barley Mow Studley, does anyone have any recollections of the landlady there in the early 1960s i think her name was Anna and that she hailed from Norway?
Regards Countryman