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Nechells Park Road.

Ivor Williams

master brummie
loverly pic.it did not change much, it still looked like that in 1950s. thanks Viv

Wow! Ive never seen this photo before! I agree with the person who posted earlier that it hadn't changed much up to the fifties. But, because it's the first time I've seen a photo from so much nearer to the green, the memories really did come flooding back to me, I almost drowned in the memories rushing in. Later, looking at the photo, I was interested in the single/double track of tramlines and over head wire. I know exactly how it worked but won't bother you folks with that technological device. Just, thank you, thank you to whoever posted this photo.


Brummie babby
If anybody finds or knows of a photo of the older properties opposite Cheatham Street at any time before it was redeveloped I'd be most interested. Thanks.


Staff member
or indeed any photos of cheatham st itself because if there are any photos taken of the street looking towards nechells park road they may just show no 356 nechells park road

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