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Nazareth House


Brummie babby
Hi I just tried to open the attachments you posted but they wont open. I would love to see them please can u upload them again. Thanks ken

Anthony Collins

proper brummie kid
Hi All - Can I join those of you who are looking for a photo of Nazareth House Convent and ask if I could see any photos please? I think it was built by John Bowen and Sons and am trying to collect evidence of buildings built by this firm. I would be most grateful for any help. I assume it was a Victorian terracotta building? Anthony Collins

Elizabeth Redmond

Hi Anthony post 34 there is a photo of Nazareth House

Anthony Collins

proper brummie kid
HI - Not being used to the Forum can you advise how I can see a photo of Nazareth House please? Does anyone know when it was built? I hoping that John Bowen and sons were the builders. It is possible as they built Hollymoor. Anthony Collins


Super Moderator
Staff member
Go to post 28 on this thread. As stated on the home [age of the forum, photos were lost after a hacking. I have reposted those on post 28 , which were slightly tweaked versions of the original

Anthony Collins

proper brummie kid
Thanks Jenny Ann. Really appreciate this as I have never seen it before. Any idea when it was built?
As you are aware the enlargement of this image is restricted. Is it possible to allow me to see enlarge it normally?


master brummie
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Hi Anthony: The photo of Nazareth House at Rednal comes via the Images page accessed via Google - Nazareth House, Rednal being typed in for search. There are three photos at the very top of Nazareth House, the first being a much larger shot. There is a link to a web address on these photos.


New Member
My name is Patricia Bryan I was at Nazareth house in 58' for 5 years the only person I remember is Marian Dumbar, Do you remember us there was four of us Eileen, Kathleen, Maurine and myself pat?

Ellen Saeed

New Member
Hey Angie, good info to go with the 1912 pic of Nazareth House - My mum was 3yrs in the Nursery in 1944 and unknown to her of course a baby brother also illegitimate awaiting adoption. We only welcomed him into our family after the secret veil was dropped 66 years later.
Apparently boys were more popular with adoptions so mum had to stay till they shipped her to Australia.
How long would they have stayed in Nursery for? 4/5yrs?
My Nan was here from around 1947- 1962 at Nazareth house

Robert Ensor (bob)

master brummie
Walked pass the place for many years on the way to school then driving always looked creepy, we all knew about the place once in a while you would see kids getting walked up the Lickey road,. I remember girls walking on Longbridge Lane on the way there in a uniform from school, now thinking about it I have no idea from which school the uniform was cranberry in color there was not a whole bunch just a couple of groups may be 5 or 6 each ? .