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Natural history/farming etc in Welsh House Farm, Birchfield and Firs & Bromford


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This forum is an amazingly interesting place, just found it as have been looking up information online for a potential project. I am interested in discovering more about the historical land uses (such as types of farming etc) and details of the natural history of the areas Welsh House Farm in Harborne, Birchfield in Aston and Firs & Bromford in Hodge Hill. The former I know was an actual farm before the housing estate was built in the 60s but don’t know what type of farm, e.g. livestock/crops, or what the other vegetation etc was like, was there a predominance of a particular tree for example? For the other two I have found a little about the natural history due to the name origins, but again, any information would be really helpful!

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Welsh House Farm gets a mention as early as 1826, and is referred to as a Dairy Farm in the 1920s.

Birchfield Farm, opposite the Crown and Cushion was in 1839 selling its live and dead farming stock, plus dairy and brewing utensils.

1846 Bromford Farm was doing the same.


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Thanks again for the response, I’m wondering if there is a way to find information on the natural history, common native, introduced or farmed plants for the Welsh house farm area? Thanks