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National Service


master brummie
What is an M.U? I would be interested if anyone has any information on a Sutton Coldfield RAF Camp during late 40's early 50's. Any help much appreciated.


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Maintenance Unit, Carolann

(Have the vaguest of memories of its existence at the beginning of my own N.S. in 1954 and wishing I had been posted there! But can't be sure that this isn't a "mis-remember").


Bob Davis

Bob Davis
RAF Sutton Coldfield was squadron No 912 (County of Warwick) -AAF - (Barrage Balloons) formed at the outbreak of war, originally based at Tyburn Road, then Whitehouse Common and after seeing service in France, returned to the UK and known as No 5 Balloon Centre, with units located at Walmley Golf Club, Hodgehills Common and Walsall Road, Great Barr. Sutton Coldfield history archive has a web page on it.

paul stacey

master brummie
mine too , sold mine for £25, when I left, many. many , hours of honing and layering, of Cherry blossom, to achieve, double tap sole, and years of re studding.


master brummie
When you think back to our youth,don't the army memories seem to pop up first, and your first few days trying to stop the RSM giving you an earfull:sob::sob:


master brummie
We used to get into trouble for tucking our trousers into our gaiters with an elastic band to make us look smarter. Some used weights. Sometimes the British army seemed to object to us looking smarter. With my peaked hat, i used to pull the sides down a little like the officers did. Another bollocking!