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National Service


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Its the only place I was stationed all through my National Service I'm glad to say. Only stayed at camp about 6 weekends home to Brum the rest. Reason I ran the Brum coach and for collecting names on Tuesday & the Fares on Thursday Pay day I had a Free seat. Hows that for luck? for Two eveninmgs work. :2funny: :)
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Hi Dennis,  ref. your message about the book" Royal Engineers 1930/1963."  As an ex R.E. I would be interested in reading it.  My local library will get it for me if I have the authors name and the publisher.  Have enjoyed reading the National Service stories, didn`t they have it cushy.  I have recently read a very interesting book on Palestine 1945/48  I am sure you would find it very interesting, 865 men were killed during that period.  The author is George Webb  " Epitaph for an army of Peacekeepers"  The British Army in Palestine, 1945/48.  I also obtained this one from the library.
Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year


master brummie
i was in Catterick march 1951 posted to Singapore and was stationed with RAF there now living in Queensland Australia


Born a Brummie
Just out of interest :)

Where any of you fellows stationed in Klagenfurt Austria after the war, 1945-1950?


Do you think that national service should return for those who will not go to work even though there is no medical problems and for the ones who continue to reoffend the laws of this country, no matter if they are male or female?


Hello Earp,
I don't know your view of the question you asked but personally I don't see why the Forces should get landed with the dross of society.


master brummie
Hi Earp,
I think it would not hurt if all persons reaching the age of 18,
to be liable to some sort of service, those mindless yob's that are about,
would certainly be different persons after spending a few months in "The Glasshouse"
I have seen real hard cases come our as quiet as lambs, I do not think it would arm anyone
to serve,they would certainly be better folk for it,and have pride & respect
That's how I look at it anyway Malingerers ,thieves,etc,soon ger sorted out O0


gone but not forgotten
hi there lads, den and earpy hope your having a nice day the sun is shininng again , i have read your comments , and i entirely agree with both you lads, i was in the 1st battleion of the royal warickshire fusaliars and my number was7489OO49 and i honestly beleive your both right, it would sort out these misconscrewed kids of today, i certainly would vote for any gouverment party whom would bring this out [ conscription ] but unfortuately our weaponry his to far advance for them to handle them,it changed the teddy boys , and made them look at life with a different out look on life, i only pray to god that this country does,t have a world war again , be cause we couldn,t call them up to depend on them they talk about the third world, we,ll i am sorry to say i think we are or becoming the third because of our youth of today, god save the queen, astonian ,;;;;;


master brummie
I was in Aquir, Palestine in 1947-48.then I got demobbed. I was home for about 6mths.when I received A medal for service in Palestine, which was a surprise to me, but I still have it.

Have I nice Day you All, Wally.


master brummie
Hi Wally,
I was in Jerusalem, now why didn't I see you there? ;D
I too have me medal somewhere O0
if I had been an American, I would have had the "Purple Heart" too :2funny:


master brummie
Hi Guy's
I know it's a bit off topic (Book)
but if you can get hold of thisbook
you really will enjoy it......
"The Call Up" A History of N/S by Tom Hickman
ISBN O -7553-1241-4 price £7.99


I was in the Signals just before you, brummie nick.   O0

22440138  1950-52  (OWL B2)    :coolsmiley:

Good old Catterick eh ?    :2funny:

brummie nick

master brummie
Catterick!! wot a 'dump' I was at  Baghdad lines basic training, and Aines lines owl,
then Germany with 2nd Infantry Div.



gone but not forgotten
I have just watched a recording of Tuesday nights episode of Bad Lads Army.if ever it was anything like that I'm glad I didn't take up a Army career.
National Service had finished before I left school,but I wanted to go into Boys Service(Junior Leaders),and then the Army ,I passed the entrance exam,all that was left was for my Mother to sign the papers (I understand it had to be the Mother,as the man your mom lived with was not necessarily your father... Is this true ?) when I was shouted at by a teacher at school,I didn't like it ,so decided that the Army life was not for me (coward)
I realize that it's " only a programme for TV" but was it ever like that?