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My True Love

John Young

master brummie
Oh well Our evenings over, at home for cup of tea
A nice night out wthout a doubt, just my Girl and me,
She loved the flowers and the card, the laughter just came free
The meal was good,but not quite as good as meals She cooks for me,

We talked at ease, we shot the breeze of happy years of life,
Of struggling times and few cross lines, even turmoil and of strife,
We didn,t know many years ago as we both cut cake with knife
Of laughing then, still laughing now, still Married Man and Wife,

Our Girl and Boy, our pain and joy, just smile a while, Them pair
They,ve grown like us, no real big fuss, stand tall and fair and square
We hope they,re proud of Us today,of Our love of them and care
For with my True Love by My side theres nothing to compare,,,,,



Yes, JohnY - that's how our evenings are spent now on special occasions (if we don't forget them :lol: ) Life is good hey?


John Babe..

I dont often pay compliments but when I do, I mean 'em
Cant speak for your kids of course but I'm proud to know you...I really am..
Here's to you stacking up a whole lot more of those Fighting, laughing, loving, kissing and cuddling years..


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
Happy Couples

:D It's truly nice to know that there are so many happily married couples on this site. Couples who have managed to make it past the first ten years and many many more 8) . In my work I come across so many one parent or split care-giving families it seems unreal at times :( . I don't mean to put anyone down here, because I for one know not all relationships can servive for varying reasons. It's just we seem to have an unusual cluster of happy marriages on this site. :) :) :)
Congratulations to us all :D

Chris :)


Isnt it Sad

Isnt it sad that for so many children, a broken home is the norm?
Isn't it sad, that so many couples, don't weather the storm?
Isn't it sad, that a hug and a kiss would have repaired?
Isn't it sad, that you let go of the love that you shared?
Isn't it sad, that we forgot how to talk?
Isn't it sad, you dont hold my hand when we go for a walk?
Isn't it sad, that you cant whisper the words I LOVE YOU?
Isn't it sad, that your heart cant remain true ?

Isn't it Sad? It's just the simple things which make all the difference!

Sorry to rain on your parade JY :oops:

John Young

master brummie
True comments

True comments from respected Gals & Guys thank you :oops:

Rod,, your rhyme is right in line, "A little Rain must fall" :(

Your understanding & compassion is not measurable in words
There is Ying & there is Yang, Light & Dark, Positive flow to Negative
other similes "Unquote",,,
A coin tossed into Rome,s Trevi Fountain may land Head or Tail, who knows, Who cares :?:

Some coins, from many countries & People Who Care :) are taken to Assisi,, the Convent of "The Bearded Ones", For water & bread,,

Coins are Tokens, Notes are Promisory to pay, People like you & on here Oh & me are Real,,, warts & all ,,& WE care :wink:


master brummie


I have a friend who writes 'communication' on EVERYTHING. Its so true though. Communication whether its good word or bad, a happy time or sad, is the key to getting through life. Poor communication is so destructive in every way



Sue that has been the biggest challenge in our 27 year marriage. I think men of my generation were taught to be strong and silent and not show any emotion. That is changing thank heavens!

John Young

master brummie
Strong & Soft

Yo Kate et al, Us Guys are Strong & Soft,,
Well a bit soft in the head, cuz we,re putty in you Gals hands:rolleyes: ,,


Beatiful poems guys. My husband and I were together for 34 years but sadly, he's gone now. No-one else will do. Still, I've got my boys and their little families to help me along - and you lot, of course!



JohnY - it is lovely to hear you again mate! Where is that lovely son of yours we're going to introduce to my lovely daughter :) I'm not zooming in very often - but now and again and nice to see your posting.

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Norma snap. I've been reading through this and I've decided John is not a true braman but a true gentleman. Jean.

John Young

master brummie
Jean :)Norma:)Beryl:) Thanks for your kind comments, especially if i may, Beryl, honoured by a Gifted true Poet, Thanks

T,would seem my Warrior, meat-head status is uncovered, alas i am undone :010:
T,is true that Poetry & poetry in ryhme(Music) does soothe the savage beast,
This site is blessed with Gals & Guys who are really very good, so elevating to read such quality perused,
Beryls work is, in my opinion Peerless :) & Kandor, a God among men.
Thanks to all Poets on here from a mere scribe :cool:JohnY