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My pet


master brummie
I am so sorry Georgie, what a wonderful cat he has been, a real character. Leaving you with your memories so that he will always be there. We count ourselves lucky to have known the lovely pets we had in the past and have now. I have four photo's, of four beautiful dogs, near me as I use the computer.



I am so very sorry to hear about your sad loss.

My husband and I lost one of best friends when we had to have one of our cats Reg Kray put to sleep just over a month ago, so we really do know how you are feeling.

"Cats leave pawprints on your heart."


master brummie
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved pet ,I am reminded of the loss of our Mitzi she was the most wonderful cat .My daughters where little girls when we brought her home,she lived for 22 years and sadly I had to make a decision like you.my daughters are now grown up but still talk about her all the time. Our new cat Chanel [12 years]is asleep by me as I type she was thrown out and had her kittens in our shed we adore her.What makes me sad is she had nothing but her kittens and she was purring when we found her it was a freezing night.Thankyou for being an animal lover like myself I was sad to hear of your loss,cried when I read the poems but cheered to know their are still some caring folks out there.Mary

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
:( Feel for you Georgie.. Roger had a wonderful long life like most of our cats over the years. Could write a book. Each time we said no more not going through that again. But when you get past that stage you find [or they find you] another one in need of a loving home. That was us and it's a little dog whose owner died now. We were going to foster him until she was fit enough to look after him again. She didn't recover and he now has a microchip with our address on. We also said no more when pipa died. Feel for you. Jean. :(


master brummie
Oh dear, you have us all in tears Georgie. Like so many on the forum we are cat people with multiple cats. How we love them and truly know how you feel.:cry: Mo


master brummie
Roger the Lodger

Hi to everyone that put messages on...thank you. I am still missing Roger... but it is getting easier... I have a lovely photo of him over my computer.

I felt so sad last night as my husband came home and he had just passed a pussycat lying in the road... he stopped to move him to the side... someone is going to be so upset. We always stop now as when we were holidaying in Devon there was a pussycat knocked down in the centre of the road. We turned around and a good job we did as he was moving and all this traffic was whizzing passed. I dragged him off the road... and we went miles to find a vet. Then next day we called in to see how he was... A bit battered but he was lucky.

I too have had some wonderful furry friends. All different and all so loveable. Bubbles came down to Cornwall with us... as soon as we left our old house in Oxfordshire she started howling... so we had to take her out of the Cat basket and she sat on our laps all the way down...complete with harness and collar. Some funny looks as we walked her at Taunton Dean services!! Then my wonderful George.. a handsome black puss that we had from a rescue centre ... he must have been about 6 or 7 then...he was the most gentle cat. The first night he came and settled on the end of our bed..just where Bubbles slept.. He would wait at the end of our hallway and hide and pounce out at us:D.

We always seem to attract cats... our neighbours cat was let out at night and came straight around to us!! and slept in our warm washroom!!:)

All those lovely cats in the Daily Mail yesterday too .. all needing homes... Georgie


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Staff member
So sorry to hear about Roger, Georgie. You were wonderful guardians to him and
he is suffering no more. We had to put our cat Tuttie down eight years ago. She was 20 and going down hill. We trained her to go in the car from day one and made her a special leash which we still have. You couldn't buy a body leash small enough back then. We took her on all our holidays when we had our camper. She loved going on holiday and would attract a lot of attention when the children walked her in the forests where we camped. We have two birds now but I still miss our beautiful white Tuttie.

Norma S

master brummie
Yesterday we found a tiny kitten, just a few days old, on our property at work. His/her eyes were not even open yet and the poor wee thing had a cut on it's back. Because it was little and injured we called the animal rescue, who came to pick it up and they assured us that they would care for it and find it a home. I was out to lunch while all this took place and wish I'd had the chance to see the little fellow before he was taken away.



master brummie
Oh these stories are so sad,

I had a cat "Lucy" and I lost her 4 years ago, I made posters and put them through letter boxes asking people to check their outbuildings etc, someone contacted me and told me a small black cat wearing a pink collar had been run over, I broke the news to my son and we were broken hearted, seven weeks later I was sat watching footie on the sofa, ..who jumped through the window .. Lucy!!, (must have been another cat found in the road), I was over the moon as was my son . Sadly she did eventually get run over two years ago, last year I was asked to take a poor little thing ( he had been neglected and abused) - he was the double of lucy and so I couldn't resist, I named him Louis, and he is so affectionate, prob is he has started to explore front of house and pub across the road, I keep fingers crossed every day he does not get run over. I also have a King Charles Cavalier and when i first brought Louis home the dog was not too happy, but they are now firm friends (occasionally)! and if Louis has been out for too long then the dog sits and looks out the window and only moves once Louis is home .. some say animals are stupid ??... I think not :)


I feel for all of you and your loss of faithful friends. You may like to search for my older posts about "Rainbow Bridge" and it may bring you some comfort. I've shared the heartache with many of you.

Every pet I've ever owned is still with me in my heart - from the grey cat I had as a child that I put in my doll's pram and walked with the other little girls who had dollies up the street. That cat lay there with a little miniature doll tucked under its paw under a blanket and enjoyed his daily walks. The next cat "Butch" lived until 18 years old. He was bought to me in a friend's pocket as a kitten. He liked to join mum and me for breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning.
Then our dogs. Honey, the cross spaniel who was poisoned and died a horrible death. Bo, the Dalmatian who died of heart failure at 8 years old - a surprise to us as she was a very strong dog. She "pointed" as some Dallies do and loved us to distraction. Always wanted to climb on my knee.
Then our most beloved Ming, a cross Shih Tzu Mini Fox He protected me, comforted me, knew every word I said. But most importantly he was NOT a lapdog. He followed my husband everywhere and adored him. Ming was 17 when we lost him to ill health. His companion, Lizzie, we lost just recently and she was nearly 14. Loyal, loving, Lizzie. I reckon they'll all be there on Rainbow Bridge waiting for us - or that's what I'd like to believe.
Forever in our hearts
Kate and the Laird (long-standing members will know who the Laird is).

Norma S

master brummie
The posts are sad but it warms my heart to know that so many pets have been truly loved and cared for and their days on this earth have brought so much joy to others and a life of comfort and love to an animal that could otherwise have had a difficult or shortened life had they not come to a loving home.


Norma S

master brummie
I found out the other day that the tiny kitten that had been found here at work, injured, was too young, too weak and too badly injured to save. The Animal rescue person took it directly to the vet but the poor wee thing didn't make it. We had even named it "Rocky" in hopes that it would put up a good fight for it's life. I hope it's now in kitty heaven.

We have rescued many animals here over the 14 years I've worked here and this is the first we've lost.


John Young

master brummie
Norma :) Thank you & your Pals at Work for the 14 years of saving many animals,
Thats a lovely thing for you all to do :handshake:
Its a shame the latest, the little kitten didn,t survive, but you all tried your best,
Have recently lost our old cat (17), miss her badly (don,t miss the Vets bills though :rolleyes: )
Left a vacuum in my wallet but more importantly, an empty space in our Hearts, JohnY


master brummie
Oh Norma that is so sad,

I had to take my dog to vets today - he has an ear infection and whilst I was sitting waiting to be called a young man - no more than 20 years of age took his Jack Russell into the consulting room - ten minutes later this young lad reappeared sobbing his heart out - his beloved "Jack" had kidney failure and the kindest thing to do was have him "put to sleep" , oh I could have wept for this yound lad, he was devastated, to see a yound lad like that openly cry brought tears to everyone sitting in there. I am glad to say that many people offered to take him home and many people put their arms around this lad, thankfully the Lad's father turned up and this poor boy just broke down in his fathers arms, I am wiping away the tears as I type this.. at least "Jack" was loved but there are so many animals out there who are so sadly neglected

Norma S

master brummie

I'm so sorry for your loss. I see you are another animal lover among the many on this site.

Yes, we did our best but it was hard to know such an innocent little animal didn't make it. They seem to think it had been attacked by a hawk, who then ended up dropping it by mistake. Hawks will generally pierce the lungs with their claws in order to kill their prey so that visible damage, an open wound, was proably only the tip of the iceburg.

Oddly enough, a few years ago we had an injured hawk here that we had raptor rescue people come to take care of and they returned it when it's wing had healed.