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My Old 1982 Travel Card!


Proud Brummie!

OK so who remembers when Travel Cards were like this? LOL. This is from 1982 and is the first one I had after I left school. Note: Black and White photo's were much cheaper back then! Ha ha. :-D


Staff member
crikey frank thats a blast from the past....how much were the travel cards back then



gone but not forgotten
Hi bluebrumie
yes indeed i also recall them because i had bought one of them way back in the beginning and they had an out let office
set up for the demand down the side where the transport police offices was and the old lost property office
where you could walk into the station from the rear side of the old station
the exit was where the old mulberry pub used to be infact it was before the mulberry pub was built
and it cost two ponds and fifty pence ,originaly and year or two later it went up to the fiver
and what youdid originally was a photo booth out side the kiosk and you would hand it in to the person behind a little glasss
cubilcle where you was given a oblong stip of card with your best shot of your self and it was transfered to this card
as people caugt on to it they made a two door frontage where the future public demand grew and ques was forming
to get in and get the black and white slightly latger card as to what you got i no longer kept mine
as i had to travel into the city daily only as i lived in mannor road stechford by the styation and yards from the old coop bakery
to work and the big park facing the bakery on mannor road
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