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My Great Uncle Jack


master brummie
This is my Great Uncle Jack, who served with the Royal Engineers in WW! and won medals, which were posted through the floorboards in their house in Adelaide. they emigrated in the early 20's and he was so disillusioned with his country, that he never retrieved them and the family have only one remaining medal.View attachment 65089

paul stacey

master brummie
Like a lot of brave men he came back to little work, no housing and very little help from a greatful goverment which were promised, and so broken hearted emigrated like many thousands of others. Un fortunatly sue I don't think you can get replacments for WW1 medals.


master brummie
Hi Paul,
No. you can't get replacements, the family in Australia have already enquired - his daughter is still alive over there and we keep in touch by e-mail with her. It must have been awful here after the war - I have a opy of a letter sent fron my great gran (Jacks mom) to his mother in law in Australia sent in 1929 and she says that it is living hand to mouth and that my grandad had had 5 months out of work the previous year and was out of work again. Fromthe way the letter reads, they had been hoping to go out to Australia too, but never managed it, she dide later that year.


Look on Ebay occasionally just put his name in the search box. Michael's sister got their grandfather's medals through a contact on Genes Reunited along with a lot of information on his military records. It's surprising what comes up now with the internet. Beware though as there are some unscrupulous people out there.