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My days as a driver


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The Wikipedia site will tell you nothing about the Saurer engine made by Morris Commercial.There are several MC Saurer workshop manuals on sale on eBay, that will provide you with accurate full technical data.PA739

The enquirer asked about Saurer, not the Morris Commercial version.


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Hello Chainmaker, the name sounds familiar but it was all a long time ago now. It would almost certainly have been a Comet or Mandator. The thing about Overland was that because of the nature of the loads, we never did much transhipping or working together. Normally as you said about five stacker trucks or one big machine was the full load and most of us took the wagon home for an early start so did not see much of each other.
Hi Stitcher,I am too young to have driven for Overland but in the middle to late sixties I knocked around Acocks Green with Alan Ragg. I believe his Dad worked for Overland as a manager or foreman,we didn't see a great deal of him.Occasionally a truck would be parked outside his house. Alan had an older brother called Brian he was about 15 but worked in the yard shunting units around. Was any of this around the time you worked there?

Nodd the Nosey.


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Hi Nodd,

Stitcher is no longer a member here - hence his status as a guest - so in all probability he won't see your message.

Maurice :cool: