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Museum of Science and Industry Computer Playing Draughts


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Does anyone have a photo of the computer that played draughts with you, (and usually won) please?
It was in the old Museum of Science and Industry in Newhall St in the 40s and 50s.
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Dave M

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Played it regular, remember it well, used to beat it at times, sorry no pic.
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The this computer played was called fox and goose, and was all made form ex telephone exchange parts.


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The this computer played was called fox and goose, and was all made form ex telephone exchange parts.

I think I remember the game, and I did have a photo of a young lad playing the game in the science museum at one time, but I have checked all my files and my back ups and can find no trace of it, but it does show that there is one out there somewhere because it was a photo that I collected on line.


gone but not forgotten
I mike
yes i recall that machine every time we went there was always a que for itso we messed with all the other bits and bobs is this museum still opeating in new hall street i expect you have to pay a price now mike do you recall the racing car the fastest record breaker the blue bird that was on show in those days
best wishes alan astonian...


Alan, the Science Museum in Birmingham closed some time ago and some of the exhibits were moved to the "ThinkTank". I haven't been but Ellbrown put some photos on the Forum recently.
I miss it as the atmosphere was so friendly, and the machines were fascinating!
(I read on another thread you have been ill, I hope you are feeling better.)
Best Wishes.


gone but not forgotten
Many Thanks for your reply and information on the musemand its nice to hear from you again after all this time
rosie. where about is the think tank postion s its been many years since I have been in birmingham city centre
i do visit brum as we have a bussiness in tyseley and my daughter lives down by the air port
but never go into the city even my daughter tells me I would not find my way around the city centre
I USED TO know my way around the town and every alley way andnic nacs but she said dad i will not know and you would get lost
rosie is there a fee for entrace to this place i will get my daughter to take me out down there when she gets thechance
yes rosie. have been under the weather for some time now I have been Diaognize with cancer and crones deceased
ut i am trying to over come thje thought and keeping myself fit and active. still its early days i say
rosie .once again thanks and best wishes to you and keep up the hard work you are doing
best wishes Alan. Astonian...


Hi Alan, stay positive! Stay as fit as you can and do everything the doctors say. My Husband has had two operations in the last six months and is recovering slowly, they can do so much these days.!!

Sorry I went off topic, Back to the Museum! I used to know my way around but I'm not sure where Thinktank is!! I do know there's a charge for admission.....our Science Museum used to be free!!
Bet Wishes,