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master brummie
Looking for information

Raymond Mudd, died in his 30's during the 1940's from TB after being married for about 3 years to a Miss Vera Cox. He had a brother who had a garage business in Shropshire?


true brummie
only thing ive found on the electoral rolls is a vera mudd living at 46 little oaks rd. lozells from 1945 - 1955

the death record for raymond mudd is 1943 birmingham aged 32yrs 6d 411


master brummie
Thank you Shera, I understand she lived at that address as a child too, I think Raymond had a brother called Victor? Horace? who had a business to do with cars.


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1911 Eastgate, Bedale, N. Yorks

Fred Mudd age 30 Motor and cycle repairer
Annie age 22 (Fred married Annie Slater 1909)
Horace age 1
all born Bedale

other children born to this couple in Bedale

Raymond registered Sept 1911
Constance M ,1916
Doreen B 1920


master brummie
Thank you Alberta, I was trying to also find out if there were any living relatives descendants of Vera, I had an inkling that Florence Rose Eales had sisters, one of whom may have emigrated.
Her father had one son from a previous marriage.
Trying to sort out Vera's situation.