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Motorcycle - How To Find My Old One



In 1991 I sold a BSA 500cc B33 motorcycle, which my son and I had spent months and much money converting it into a 'chopper' type bike.

It is still registered as its original 1953 year, and its registration number is
OOC 518.

We sold it to help pay for my sons uni education, and I know it broke his heart to part with it, and I am now trying to trace it with a hope to buy it back and suprise him.

It was sold to a gent close to Olton Boulevard East in Acocks Green, but I cannot remember his name or exact address, and in checking the DVLA website it has never been taxed since sold in 1991, and from memory the new owner was a bit of a collector.

DVLA will not divulge vehicle owners details, unless for legal reasons etc.
so if anyone has any suggestions, or if they have knowledge of it, I would be extremely gratefull, even if we could just see it again.


master brummie
Not sure, but I think if you were to get a car dealer to do an HPI check, or maybe try one of the text message vehicle checks you might come up with something. or try the owners club, someone might know who he is.

Good luck-sounds like a great thing to do for him.


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Gosh, the number of times I have been really hard up and have had to part with my last only valuable possession , which was usually a motorbike.
Funny, I never really felt the same as parting with a car.
I will contact some friends of mine and see if they can help.
I don't know what it is about motorbikes but they DO tend to get under your skin.
Good luck with your quest and I wish you every success, please, please keep us informed.:)


master brummie
I have checked the Motor Insurers database and the bike is not insured. It may well be SWORN as befits a bike of that age at this time of year.


master brummie
Very lucky something that old is on database.However,1991 tells me at least 90% probability that your old bike has gone to the scrappers.
The vehicle details for OOC 518 are:
Date of Liability 01 04 1991
Date of First Registration 23 10 1953
Year of Manufacture Not Available
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 500CC
Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle
Colour GREEN


master brummie
EEA 7Y seems only to have been taxed for its first year:

The vehicle details for EEA 7Y are:
Date of Liability 01 03 1984
Date of First Registration 23 03 1983
Year of Manufacture 1983
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 123CC
CO2 Emissions Not Available
Fuel Type Petrol
Export Marker Not Applicable
Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle
Colour BLUE
Vehicle Type Approval
Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle
6 Months Rate £0.00
12 Months Rate £15.00


master brummie
It is not listed on the DVLA database, so I doubt it very much.
YOB was issued between March and September 1959.


master brummie
YOB50 number plate must have been worth quite a bit - not showing on any other car - so seems to have died with the bike
My dad had an old BSA bike in 1960s -TOK544 - recently i found out that is now on a Ford Maverick


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Help please! 40 years ago my dad bought a combo (motor bike and sidecar ) a BSA A10 Golden Flash 650cc KBW286 engine no ca108990, we kept her till after dad passed her over to me in leu of a loan ! Being we could strip, replace parts etc, and because i loved driving her! Untill I needed money to help with my wedding, it was 1989 on a November day when the chap came with the trailer to take her away, he promised to bring her round to show us how he'd restored her, to this day i've not seen head or tale. My dad died November and remembering past times I would love to know how and where she is, she will be 57 this year!! being she was first reg in 1956. I know they wouldn't have killed her off!! can some one help me out? Or give me a clue as to how I coud find her? All ideas will be appreciated, thankyou, Terry.


master brummie
Shown on DVLA list as not taxed since end Jan 1989. Still listed, so not notified as being scrapped. It may still be about somewhere, but more likely not.
First licenced 5 Jan 1956.


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hi lloyd wonder if you could see if reg LKW 2 is still knocking about please...used to be on a 1956 lagonda car we had in the early 70s




master brummie
ref the BSA first posted, might be worth contacting the BSA Owners Club, they may be able to help, might be able to say if its registered to a member or not

the smiths

master brummie
Would you be so kind and see if my Dads old Royal Enfield is still about.

Reg number RFK or FRK can't remember the numbers sorry last time I saw it was in 1963.

Another if only......... It would mean so much to me thanking you in advance.


master brummie
Need to know the full correct number for a look-up, then match it to the correct make for access to data. Sorry.
RFK was issued from Worcester between June and November 1957; FRK was a London issue in October 1946.


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oh thanks for the pics of the old bus lloyd thats bought back some memories...great that shes still about and im not really surprised that its not actually on the road as it was a right old juice guzzler..
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