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Moor Green F.C. 1935


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This a line up from a Moor Green game played in 1935.In Peter J. Clynes book he mentions [amongst others] Peter Dare as one of the most popular club captains . The centre half in this team is E.A. Dare. Does anyone know if this is a typing error or was there another member of the Dare family who played for the club? 100_1374.JPG

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Cant help you with your query Jimmac, but was the Moorlands in Sherwood rd, Hall Green in those days?
I used to go along there occasionally in the 1980s to support them.
Interesting to see the season ticket prices, under half price for the ladies!
I guess it wouldn't be allowed today in our PC world, or perhaps it only works in one direction ;)


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There are shed loads of mentions of Moor Green in the Argus for 1935, and of course other years. Looking at a few for that year...

EA Dare (first eleven) Gets many mentions, but I can’t see another Dare in that year.
Opening match won 4-1 against Old Wulfranians, Dore scored a goal.
Birmingham 3 Moor Green 2 (Payne and Dare were capable in the half back line)

Looks like they beat Worthing 5-1

If there Is anything particular you would like to trace, just ask.