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The first photo is on BHF a couple of times, We have discussed the proximity of the seat to the kerb, the urinal and the Bundy clock. The Bridge Inn was commented upon and it apparent move. But it is in Monument Road so not really out of place here.
There is a pic of the Duke of Wellington, (its own thread) the only post is by you Lyn, no comments to it.
Another tea (Barbers) ghost sign on the wall of Doris's fruit and veg shop (now closed), so I guess it had been a corner type shop before Doris moved in? Another photo, lower down, also shows a shop - florists and fruiter. Was this an earlier shop of hers I wonder? Or another one?
Next door is an unusual place. Praed's Advertising Agency. They not only had personal cards but were into wedding photos and pools (competitors to Littlewoods and Vernons? :D
There are two photos, both of the same places, just below the Community Centre. The one with the Bulmers Cider Morris Commercial flatbed delivering to the beer seller, seems older as the other photo seems to show that both shops have been 'tarted up'.
The big places that stood out in Monument Road were, in my recollection, The Edgbaston Cinema, St. John's Church, The Public Baths and The Palais de Danse. All these places of course are mentioned in threads here on BHF.
This was the home ground of the late Alan (Astonian). How he would have loved this thread and contributed greatly to it I am sure. However, lots about Monument Road and it side streets are recorded here under his name.


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for members interested in prescott st i have just posted about what i hope are 21 new photos...