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Montague Street Aston


master brummie
Hi Lynn, thanks for your message, those photos look like the Montague Street off Great Barr Street, Montague Street Aston was only a short street, the pump Tavern was on the corner of Montague and Sutherland street and Waterworks Road was at the bottom. I have searched for ages to find a photo, but to no avail.


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thanks for gettting back astonite...i think its now safe to assume that the pics i have posted are not of montague st aston....in fairness to the photographer he did only write montague st on the back of them..although the montague st digbeth does have a good bend on it the problem i have is i cant see any houses marked on this 1950s map..
map c 1950 montague st.jpg


master brummie
Hi Lynn, I looked on Google Earth and put in Montague street Aston and the one off Great Barr street came up, however, as you say, the map shows no houses. If you look at the photo in #6, Montague street is slap in the middle.
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Aston bred & proud.
Has anyone got any photos or memories of Montague street, it ran off Sutherland st, down to the junction of Aston Hall rd and Waterworks st , the Pump tavern was on the left hand corner at the top and Mrs Harrisons little grocery shop was at the other end. Also, does anyone remember Rudders wood yard at the bend at the top of Sutherland st? There was a huge fire ,either late forties or early fifties, and if my memory is correct they had horses, some of which perished in the fire.
I lived in waterworks street just down from the corner shop owned by Mrs Harrison. She was such a lovely lady. My dad used to drink in the pump tavern occasionally. It was either there or the church tavern at the end of our road. Just depended on how he felt.


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I think MossG is right, Montague St. appears to be in the middle of his/her photo. I've cross-referenced it with the 1951 OS map and can identify house numbers. I think the photo was taking from the boating lake/reservoir area. My great-grandfather lived at no. 34 in 1915. Perhaps someone more experienced in these things can check.


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