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Monometer Furnaces, Whitehouse Street


master brummie
Hello everyone,
Simon the token dealer from Suffolk here, with another nice Birmingham token to offer you all.

Monometer Birmingham.....this is an aluminium token from World War One encouraging everyone to “Save Your Tin” in an effort to conserve resources for the war effort.

The company, Monometer Furnaces still exist. Looking at their own history on their website, I can date this to WWI because by the 1920’s they had moved production to The Strand in London, so by WW2 they had no association with Birmingham and therefore would not have put Birmingham on any token produced.

As with all my tokens, it is for sale if anyone is interested.


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Staff member
thanks simon thats a nice looking token thanks for thinking of us brummies..as always if anyone is interested in this token please contact simon via our private message system



master brummie
Thanks Lyn. I will always share my Birmingham tokens with yourselves first before I post it anywhere else. The Birmingham History Forum has first option on any of my Birmingham tokens and as I now have quite a few in stock currently I will put up a list of everything I have so you can all see if there is anything of interest.
Lyn has made purchases from me in the past so hopefully she can vouch for my trustworthiness.