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Missing New Inkleys in 1871? DYKE family


proper brummie kid
I am missing several people living in New Inkleys in 1871. Can anyone find William and Ellen DYKE living in New Inkleys, Birmingham in 1871? Ellen was born 1852 in Birmingham.
I have searched on Ancestry and cannot find them, or the street "New Inkleys". On the enumeration description for District 6 the paper is torn, but it lists"New Inkleys", but when you go through all the streets for district 6 there is only Smallbrook St, Howards Place, Tonk St, Back of St. Judes, and Five Dwellings. No New Inkleys.
I checked back on the 1861 census and there were 23 houses (including 3 pubs) in New Inkleys under St. Philip District 7, so where are they in 1871?
Any ideas anyone?


master brummie
In the 1870 directory there are...

Dyke William, (Mrs) fancy cap maker, 53 Sherlock St,
Dyke John Beer retailer, 81 lower Loveday St,
Dyke Joseph, shopkeeper, 102 Bromgrove St,

In the 1873 directory there are

Dyke Alfred tailor tobacnst, anf newsagaent 2 Hyde St,
Dyke Charles shopkeeper, 132 Charles Henry St
Dyke Mrs Charlotte dressmaker 121 Bradford St,
Dyke Mrs Elizabeth cloth cap maker 53 Sherlock St,
Dyke Jas Hy gilt jewellery mfr 199 New John St W,
Dyke Joseph shopkeeper, 162 Bromgrove St,
Dyke Samuel fruiterer and Green grocer 41 Moor St,
Dyke Thomas pork butcher 35 Vauxhall Rd,


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A number of the people listed in the 1872 directory as being in New Inkleys are actually listed at the same number as "Howard Place". These are (in ancestry) Birm St Phillips. dist 7 (pp 9-24 for all north side) and district 6 (pp 14-20 south side, but, because of damage to enumeration schedule, i cannot say if it is all the south side). I do not know if htere are any more on the south side , or if there are other people listed under some other street name which would be included under New Inkleys, but there does not appear to be any Dykes in these pages


master brummie
Skillion, it may be worth asking same question on the missing streets of Birmingham thread that's running, Astonian or Phil may also offer some help.


proper brummie kid
Thanks to everyone for the help, I'll try your suggestions and keep looking. I'm not sure which Dyke family I'm related to so all the information is useful.


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