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Military records wanted


master brummie
Hi Everyone,
I need help , Has anyone got access to any Army records for WW2 . Looking for a PHILLIP HENRY PENNY LARTER,
B1896 in Bradford. Any information would be appreciated.
Many thanks Sandra

John Young

master brummie
Hi Sandra,

Army military records are available at ;

Army Personnel Centre,
Disclosure 2, Mail Pont 515
Kentigern House, 65 brown Street, Glasgow G2 8EX
Tel# 0845 600 9663

Are you sure you want WW2 ?, Philip Henry P Larton born 1896 surely WW1
Regards John Y

ps There is a Percy Larton in Commonwealth War Graves Commission records
a Private, number 715921 died age 24 on 29/08/1920 buried at Lourdes Cemetery
So he born 1896 but on record as serving in Canadian Forces.

No Phillip ( or Philip) Larter on records for WW2 on CWGC


master brummie
Hi John,
Thank you for your information, we have found him in the WW1 records.
My friend is noting the address for Military records for future use. I told him someone on the website would come up with an answer, he is very impressed.
Thanks again for your time in looking up the info.