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Mike Jee's texts for Alan Godfrey Maps


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On BHF we all know the quality of Mike Jee's research & many of us use Alan Godfrey maps to underpin our understanding of the places our family lived. Mike has now written texts for two of the Birmingham maps & one just outside Birmingham published by Alan Godfrey.
Birmingham East 1888 ref 14.06, in colour, is such a joy for those of us that knew or know the area. The map covers Kingston Hill, Coventry Rd, Cattell Rd & Bordesley with parts of Saltley. Mike's highly readable text provides real insights into this part of Birmingham & for me was very visual. I learnt a both from the text & the map. It gives real shape to the place as it stood in 1888, before so many of the later Victorian buildings covered the landscape. Postie you will love this map.
Alan Godfrey is one of my favourite suppliers. The maps are very well priced. Providing orders are placed before 4pm the maps are despatched same day in good quality recyclable packaging which fits through the letterbox.


master brummie
In 1913 Hamstead had many open fields but was notable for its colliery & brickworks. Mike has written a fascinating text based on sound research which allows us to see the area in a new light. Included in the commentary is industry, infrastructure, houses, landowners & prominent people.
Its thanks to Mike's map triggering an interest in Hamstead that I have added pictures to the Handsworth thread.


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Until I read the 1913 Hawthorns map & accompanying text by Mike Jee I had considered the Hollyhead Rd to be that dull stretch of road beween "A" & "B". In fact it has an interesting history. Whilst the map includes both developed & green field sites, the activity in that area includes industry, housing development, the toll road, railways & of course sport. As a black & white map it costs only £2.50 + p&p. The reference is 68.15.
Colour maps such as Birmingham east referred to in post 1 costs £2.95 +p&p so these maps are good value for money.


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I hope Mike is very proud of his achievement. I like these maps as they are affordable and give some great background info to the area. Hope there are many more narratives to come too. Thanks Bordesleyexile for telling us about it. Viv