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Midland Counties Ice Cream


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I was a refrigeration engineer at Midland Counties Ice Cream from 1973 till 1981 I ran and maintained the refrigeration plant that froze the machines that produced the Ice Cream and Lollies etc, Most of the Ice cream on the production area was produced in bulk for large supermarket outlets. But up on the top floor there was a large plant for producing Baskin & Robbins 31 flavours, and on the first floor there was a Cryo production line using liquid nitrogen to freeze and harden the Bertorelli range . It was a very nice place to work for in those days, and it was a shame that Lyons Maid chose to shut the Birmingham factory down.


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Welcome Paul. I worked there as a student, just the summer night shift about 1970. Worked on the ground floor on packing choc ices, soft scoop in big tubs and orange lollies (great to have to hand in the heat of the hot summer). I also did some nights up on the floor that did the mivvies - they were processed on frozen flat trays. You had to wear gloves to handle the icy trays otherwise the trays stuck to your hands. And I worked on the fancy whole frozen (real) orange and lemon ices/sorbets - were they the Bertorelli ones you mention ?

Shan’t forget the constant slushy floors with the running water to clear away spillages. It was an interesting experience having never worked in a factory before. When it was hot in the night it was good to get a fag break alongside the canal where it was marginally cooler. Shan’t forget the constant slushy floors with the running water to clear away dropages - just as well we had the white wellies for footwear.

And the money was good - well it seemed so to me. I think it was a long shift starting at, I think 8.00 pm until 8.00 am. Played havoc with your sleep pattern. Don’t think many factories generally employed females on night shifts at the time.

And what a relief when you went off shift at 8.00 am and out into the fresh sunny morning. The experience made a very big impression on me. Viv.
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