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Metropolitan Road, Saltley


master brummie
Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place but my father was born at 9 Metropolitan Road, Saltley in the 1930s and I would love to see any images of this small road ..... as would my father who is struggling to remember much about it !

Does anybody have any photos or can point me at any or any information on Metropolitan Road ?


Staff member
hi paul i have moved this to the neighbours and streets section of the forum for you....must admit i have never heard of this road before...i will ask around for any photos of it for you and will post them if i have any luck

all the best



Retired Layabout
Hi Paul

I'm afraid I can't help you much, as far as I can make out Metropolitan Rd disappeared sometime in the 50's possibly because the Saltley Carriage Works extended I have never seen a photo other than those of a similar type to what I'm posting here showing the High Street entrance to the works with Metropolitan Road running off to the right.

The road itself ran from the beginning (or end of Saltley Viaduct depending on your point of view) and joined up with Gate St and Clayton Rd at the back of the High Street as seen on the map.