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Metro Extension to Centenary Square


master brummie
Track laying is nearing completion on the section of the metro from Pinfold Street to Centenary Square as the finishing touches are made at the top of the difficult part at the top of Pinfold Street and the contractors move on to finish the new terminus at Centenary Square. It is expected that this part of the Metro will be open in December. Making the the trip to Centenary Square will be a lot easier, as the current pedestrian route is rather circuitous and narrow.

Modern Railways for September 12th, has reported the test of a tram on the lower part of Pinfold Street using the batteries for power. This test at night was to test the gauge.



master brummie
I have just been told by a friend that the City Hop fare between Jewellery Quarter and Centenary Square has been increased to £1.50 for those who do not have a WMCA bus pass