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Messaging ‘Conversations’ function


master brummie
Is it possible to delete PM's (private messages). I have 5 pages of them, some going back years. Eric
Hi Eric,

I've just had a play and it appears in the world of XenForo the word 'Leave' = 'Delete' !!
I ticked a box (selected) on one conversation and a dialogue box appeared at the bottom of the screen.
I ticked 'leave' and thought the conversation would disappear but it did not.
I then opened the conversation and saw an option to 'Leave' it.
I clicked 'Leave' and it wanted to know whether I wanted to receive responses to it in future !
I did not, so clicked leave and it was 'Deleted' or 'Leaved' or 'Left' ...:)
I notice you can select all and presumably be able to 'leave' or 'delete' all of them.

It seems a bit of a roundabout way of doing things and of course Xenforo calls private messages conversations.



master brummie
It works ! Got rid of 3 pages, it gets a bit tedious, will do the other pages tomorrow. I saw the word 'LEAVE' but did not realise it meant Delete, you live and learn. Thanks again


master brummie
Xenforo has Messages when we all call them Posts. We talk of Private Messages (PMs) but they are known here as Conversations ... it’s a funny old world Eric ...:)


Super Moderator
Staff member
Send a PM by clicking on to his user name anywhere that he has posted and start a conversation with him.


Super Moderator
Staff member
To message another member here’s how you do it.

Method 1
Click on the envelope
on the blue bar at the top of the page. You’ll find the envelope alongside your member name.
A drop down box will appear called ‘Conversations’. Write in the name of the member you wish to contact, add a title, then compose your message.

Next, if you’re happy with your message click on the blue ‘ Start conversation’ box.

Method 2
Altenatively you can click on a member’s name and you will be offered the option of ‘Start a conversation’.