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Martineau Family Grave at Key Hill Cemetery

Discussion in 'Birmingham Cemeteries' started by Wendy, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    I have been asked to put some information on the forum about the Martineau Family Grave at Key Hill Cemetery.
    Since I wrote the article below one grave has been located and re instated sadly rather dammaged but in my opinion it's better to see a damaged memorial than none at all.

    Harriett Martineau, famous authoress she was an innovator in women’s rights. She wrote many books on politics, economy, history, travel etc she had many articles published in newspapers of the time. She was born in Norwich in 1802 and died in Ambleside on June 27th 1876 and is buried in the family grave at Key Hill Cemetery.

    Robert Martineau was born in Norwich he came to Birmingham and became as a member of the town council. He served in the office of mayor in 1846. He was also a town magistrate and bailiff. He died June 17th 1870 and was buried in the family grave.

    Alderman Robert Francis Martineau was a member of the town council from 1874 to 1909. He also served many years as chairman of the Technical School committee. He was a member of the Midland Institute and he was secretary from 1883 to 1903. Robert was appointed by Sir J Mason as a trustee to Masons college, and subsequently on the foundation of the university, was named in the charter as a member of its council. He died on December 15th 1909 and was buried in the family grave.

    Although there is no longer a memorial stone on the Martineau grave there is still a record of the inscription.
    Section I no 790
    Elizabeth Martineau wife of the late Thomas Martineau born October 8th 1772 died August 26th 1848.
    Also her granddaughter Marie Martineau, daughter of Robert and Jane Martineau born August 27th1827 died February 29th 1864.
    Robert Martineau August 19th 1798 died June 17th 1870.
    Also Jane Martineau his widow born June 6th 1793 died March 20th 1874.
    Also Harriet daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Martineau born June 12th 1802 died June 27th 1876.
    Susan Martineau daughter of Robert and Jane Martineau born January 29th 1826 died March 21st 1894.
    Also Robert Francis Martineau her brother born May 16th 1831 died December 15th 1909.

    Grave number 134 Sec K

    Sir Thomas Martineau, KT. was born in Bristol Road on November 4th 1828. He was mayor of Birmingham from 1884 to 1887. In 1887 Queen Victoria came to Birmingham to lay the foundation stone of the Victoria Law Courts. Mr Martineau received her and was subsequently called to Windsor to be knighted. He was instrumental in getting the Welsh Water Bill through Parliament and getting Birmingham made an Assizes town.
    He died on July 28th 1893 and is buried in grave number 134 section K.

    I hope this is of interest.:)

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  2. pollypops

    pollypops master brummie

    Thank you for sharing that information wih us Wendy.
    It is so sad that the memorial stone was damaged but I agree with you, a damaged memorial is much better than not having one. It is a shame the other one is still missing.

    Do we know where the Martineau family lived in Birmingham?

    Polly :)
  3. Aidan

    Aidan master brummie

  4. Thylacine

    Thylacine master brummie

    Wendy, thanks for that information and the pictures. :cool: What a remarkable family!

    Aidan, you're right, a search on "Martineau" yields many threads and/or posts, though most of them seem to be about "Martineau Street". One day some kind-hearted and obsessive-compulsive BHFer will provide a master BHF index (scholarly, fully annotated, comprehensively cross-referenced). There are many treasures on this Forum, but some of them are buried! ;)

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