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Martin Billing Son & Co, Hospital Street, Birmingham 1943

Brewins Girl

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I have come across an advert in the Birmingham Daily Gazette which reads "WOMEN part or full-time experienced machinists for cash and tea bags". I'm intrigued. Does this mean that they were manufacturing cash bags and tea bags, or that they were to be paid in cash and teabags? Any ideas please


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These two entries from the 1943 Kellys directory might explain. I assume that the two Billings firms were related, and perhaps shared factories (particularly during the war ) , and that Martin Billings factory was being used by the Billing Bros packaging Company

Billing Brothers, lithographic & letterpress printers; manufacturers of box-shape tea bags & cartons; paper merchants (established 1861), 11 St. Paul's square 3.T A " St. Paul's; " Tel. Central 2288 (2 lines)
Billing Martin, Son & Co. Ltd. printers, 161 & 163 Hospital st 19. T A " Almanac ; " Aston Cross 3567 & 3568


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mike shall i edit the thread title as it seems we are talking about hospital st not lane which i have never heard of