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Marston Green & Tile Cross


master brummie
Hi poppickers......has anyone got any pics at all of marston green or tile cross from any era pleaaaasssseeee cheer Karl


master brummie
I was in tile cross today visiting my daughters they live not far from the White Hart I could have took my camera with me, is there any specific place you want a photo of?


master brummie
Tile Cross / Marston Green Pics....



master brummie
I wasn't sure if you mean't old or new ones, anyhow what do you think of my new cool avatar?


master brummie
marston green

brilliant......thats hard to imagine....isnt it.....I know where that is .....the green.......roughly what year was that ????


master brummie
Tile Cross Infant And Junior School

All this photo isnt v good ....it shows the caretakers house in the foreground with the classrooms in the background , there is now an industrial park on the school ground now since 1977.....it was a really lovely little school ....boy have i got happy memories there....from 1969 until 1975

hi there karl
hope you like the photos ive sorted out.
ive sent you one of my sister (helen) as in the distant
background you can see the caretakers house and mr atkins classroom,mr & mrs
pagett were the caretakers and they had a son and daughter maureen and
paul.Then i recall a mr & mrs beer taking over (elderly couple) as i recall
if you look closely it being quite empty and wasn't long before they pulled
it down. must have been between 1977-78.

I tried to find out loads about the school in 2004 that I had forgot about as I cant just go back there and visit as its no longer there....here is some stuff that the council sent me and also some stories from a classmate of mine....enjoy....

Dear Mr. Field,
Thank you for your enquiry regarding photographs and information pertaining
to Tile Cross Junior & Infants School.
I have found some information relating to Tile Cross Temporary County
Primary School which stood on Tile Cross Road. The junior & infants school
was opened in 1949 by Birmingham City Council. The school was housed in a
temporary building and accommodated 200 children. Other accommodation was
also provided at St. Peter's Church Hall, Tile Cross between 1952 - 54. The
school closed in 1977.
The Archives section of Birmingham Central Library holds a selection of
documents such as log books, admission registers and punishment books for
Tile Cross County Primary School between 1949 - 1977. Inspection of these
records is subject to the conditions imposed by the Archives section.
Further details can be obtained at [email protected]
I have also inspected our photographic collections for images of the
school, but did not meet with any satisfaction. Our photographic archives
do not provide a complete survey of every locality in Birmingham.
You may wish to inspect the web for images of the school. One of the best
for images of Birmingham is www.virtual - brum.co.uk

Yours sincerely,

Paul Taylor

heres more memories from Yvonne

Hello there karl
hope you enjoyed your your holiday. I so much enjoy going down
memory lane with you,and hope you enjoy the photos and they bring back a few
memories for you.
As you said mr oakland used to drink in the bell my dad often had a pint
with him.Did you also recall he used to smoke a pipe st bruno man some
people used to call him we'd often spot the pipe in his coat pocket.As i
recall you were a proper mischevious young boy and into everything ha ha in
my minds eye you were fair haired and i have this recollection as always
looking up talking to you. i think that was because julie murray was next to
you and you'd sit on the back of the chair and desk and lean over and ask me
to make you the paper game (piece of paper over the thumbs pick a number
then colur count the no and colour and it told your fortune or
something,apparently i was the only one who could make them.
Do you recall where we sat in that annex (wooden hut) right over the far
side by the windows there were about six to a table to the left of me was
julie murray you, to the right of me was nellie upton facing us from the
left were tracey johnson elaine austen (bogie)watson susan woodcock and
stephen bott,i always wanted to have your seat as you could see my pre-fab
from there but all i could see was the caretakers house and trees and
bushes,i can still smell that wooden annex classroom and how hot it would
get in the summer, i can still see mr oakland pulling the window down with
that big hook and all the kids watching to see if he could do it.as i think
they were high up do you remember ?
They were really lovely days wasn't they ?
Mr oaklands monkeys claw from what i remember was about a soldier in the
army and something to do with him losing a hand and killing a monkey somehow
one dark cold windy night when the soldier is back home theres a knock at
the door and when he answers it theres only the monkeys claw there which i
remember scaring us to death ha ha pretty strong stuff prapps he'd had a
pint when he told us that ha ha he'd never beable to get away with it today
ha ha.
Do you also recall how we all had to put our chairs on our desk before going
home every day so the cleaners could clean the floors.
As i recall the day we left we just took our favourite games and toys in to
play,i think we looked forward all year to taking a bit of flour in but mr
marshall wouldn't allow it (spoilsport) ha ha.
hope this brings back a few memories,
chat soon yvonne.

Hopefully this may be good reading to anyone that went to our school......
cheers Karl;


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
Karl this what the site is all about, sharing memories about our families, our childhood and our friends.
It's all good reading whether we went the school, lived in the areas written about or not. It's about 'Our Brum' and in most cases a post will stir someone Else's memory about the same place or a similar incident in their past.

Thanx for sharing this post with us.

By the way I have a Grandson named 'Carl' ... nice name however it's spelled :great:

Pom :angel:


master brummie
Carl do you remember the place down the road from the white hart I remember being terrified walking past because my friend used to say it was haunted, it's a pub now but at the time I think it was a house 30 odd years ago, it looked empty but my friend used to say there was an old man living in it, which frightened me even more, someone said it was called bauldies mansion.


master brummie
Yeah Baldies Mansion We Used To Call It......and He Had Wild Dogs That Used To Chase U If U Even Tried To Walk Down The Long Drive.......its Now A Restaurant......opposite There Was A Green With A Big Tree And A Rope Swing Attached Which Was Brilliant Fun.....


master brummie
I don't know the full story, do you know whether it was a man living there, and did you ever see him?


master brummie
I do agree not seeing him made your mind wonder, oh and that swing on the tree, we had one up road from us on the waste land next to the Tavern pub and there was a giant crater under it and I remember my older brother fell from it his back was cut to shreds.


master brummie
Me and my older brother had to go to mirfield it was too hard to get into sir wilfs, but my brainy younger brother got straight into sir wilfs, I remember it was a posh school, but before that it was even posher I remember a neighbour had to wear straw hat and had to wear it until they got home from school and if they were caught not wearing it they were in trouble.